The Three Benefits of Brand Storytelling

At its heart, Apex Film Co. is a collaborative group of creatives who were all pulled into filmmaking because of their love of story and images. Storytelling fires us up, it’s what gets us out of bed everyday. And through the last five years, we’ve worked with businesses big (like, really big) and small (the one man bands) to help tell their stories, and to do so in a way that keeps eyeballs on their websites long after their brand video fades too black.

Every company has a story. Maybe you started in your friend’s kitchen, like we did, or maybe it’s a business so old the origin story is more o myth than fact. Maybe your brand is high energy and fun, or perhaps it’s a little more clean, modern, and professional. No matter what, your brand has a story to tell, a message to spread, and a market to target. That’s where we come in.


In our years of working in this industry, there’s one word we hear again and again — “authentic”. We used to roll our eyes at the word, but then something clicked. Authentic isn’t just a buzzword. Authenticity is a necessity for us. If we can’t tell your story in the right way, in the true way, in the way that really captures your business, then we’ve missed the mark.

And with a lot of companies, that mark is missed all of the time. But with Apex Film Co., you’ll get a devoted team of folks who work side by side with you through all three phases of production to make sure that when folks watch your brand video, they know exactly what you’re all about.


Increased Value Proposition

You’ve got something you do, and something you do well. That’s why you’re in business. Let’s drive that point home. With video, you can really show folks why it is that you’re the best fit. Explain your workflow, your competitive edge, the philosophy you bring to every project. We help tell that story, and so much more.

And for a lot of companies, their service is necessary, but not always simple to explain to their customers. We’ve worked with clients like Lockheed Martin, the New York Stock Exchange, and CDOT to tell complex stories in bite sized pieces. Video simplifies what you do–plain as that.


We’re always keeping an eye out for the little moments while we’re shooting. Moments that tell the viewer who your team is. Maybe someone stumbles over the delivery of a line and their co-worker is there to playfully give them a hard time. Or maybe you can see someone light up when they’re talking about why they’re passionate about doing the work that they do for your brand. All of those things come across on video in a way that doesn’t quite land in other mediums. And capturing those moments is our speciality. 

At the end of the day, it’s our job to show the viewers who you are. We’ll tell your story in the most authentic way possible, show everyone just what it is that makes your brand unique, and show the world who your team really is. It’s what we do best, and we can’t wait to bring the cameras out to you to do it again.