MaidPro Rodeo Extravaganza

MaidPro approached Hidden Woods Media to produce a video highlighting the familial culture and the fun atmosphere of their company at their rodeo-themed 2016 National Convention.



When we first landed this project, we weren't sure if we were going to be able to make a convention of cleaning franchise owners exciting. Boy, were we wrong. Not only were the franchise owners personable and great on camera, the rodeo theme of the convention allowed us to get some of the most exciting footage we've ever captured. The only challenge we weren't able to figure out was how to strap a GoPro to a 1,700 pound rodeo bull.


First, Hidden Woods did background research on MaidPro to learn about their company culture, in order to accurately portray them in the video. At their national convention in Colorado Springs, we spoke to franchisees to find out why they wanted to own a MaidPro franchise and what MaidPro means to them. Finally, we spoke with the CEO of the company to get some final thoughts on what the culture of the company means to him.